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Benicio Bryant Singing Original Song on AGT Video

This Shy 14-Year-Old Singer's Voice Stunned the America's Got Talent Judges

After initially blowing the America's Got Talent judges away with a cover of Brandi Carlile's "The Joke" back in June, young singer and guitarist Benicio Bryant decided to perform an original song when he took the stage on Tuesday evening. Like his fellow competitors Emanne Beasha and Charlotte Summers, Benicio is on the younger side (he's just 14 years old), but his voice is just as spectacular as the adult contestants on season 14. His original song, "Here Goes Nothing," was the perfect showcase for his talent.

The tune's lyrics hint about his feelings regarding the reality competition — "I'm dreamin' of another life / I'm dreamin' and I'm here to fly / I'm dreamin' that I can touch the sky / Don't tell me that I can't . . . I'm on the edge, about to take the lead / here goes nothing" — and it's not hard to see what the judge's thought of his performance thanks to their awed facial expressions. Watch Benicio belt out the song above, and then see the most emotional auditions that have taken place on AGT this year, so far!

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