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Best Dancing With the Stars Routines

Cha-Cha Real Smooth: The 15 Best Dancing With the Stars Routines of All Time

Best Dancing With the Stars Routines
Image Source: ABC

Over the years, Dancing With the Stars has given us some of reality TV's most memorable moments. The performances put on every week are sometimes failures and sometimes highly controversial, but more often than not, they're impressive feats of training and choreography on the parts of both the celebs and the professional dancers. Everyone's got a favorite routine, too. Maybe you remember one of the straightforward numbers from early seasons fondly, or perhaps you're more into the flashy production values of more recent seasons. So what are the best DWTS performances of all time? We've put together a gallery of our 15 favorite performances. Read on to see why we made our picks, and see if your favorite made the cut!

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