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Britney Spears Baby One More Time 20th Anniversary Website

Ready to Go Back to 1999? This Britney Spears Fan Site Will Have You Feeling Like a Teen Again

Britney Spears Baby One More Time 20th Anniversary Website
Image Source: Britney OS '99

Just in case you hadn't heard, the iconic and legendary Britney Spears album . . . Baby One More Time is turning 20 years old. Yes, friends, the pop singer's debut was released on Jan. 12, 1999, and personally, it's evoking a lot of feelings. As someone who pretty much became an instant Spears stan — we have the same name, after all — and spent hours upon hours learning her video and performance choreography when I should have been doing my homework, the fact that my age is being presented to me in such a way is difficult to deal with.

That being said, I will absolutely be celebrating BOMT's milestone by shirking my responsibilities to instead perform the video choreography in my apartment, as any adult Britney Spears fan would. I'll also be reliving the years I spent as a teen, sitting on the internet, chatting with friends over AIM Messenger, and meeting Spears obsessives from around the globe in chat rooms thanks to Britney OS '99, a fun and nostalgic microsite launching today.

Britney OS '99 reimagines a fan's computer desktop from two decades ago, and offers the chance to interact with a virtual version of Spears via the retro messaging app. Once you start a conversation with the "Britney Bot," you can send GIFs, make calls, and chit-chat to create a shareable playlist that reflects your mood (I let the bot know I was "just chillin'" and it responded accordingly). Fans can uncover hidden exclusives, free content, and a chance to win prizes by interacting with all areas of the site — there's an old-school web browser, and even a Documents folder full of Spears photos. There are also a handful of exclusive Easter eggs, including "voicemails" from Britney herself. Literally, it's your desktop from 1999. Scroll through to see photos, then head to the site for a blast from the past!

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