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Celebratory Moments From Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy

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Source: ABC

We've partnered with ABC to catch you up on all things Grey's Anatomy ahead of season 15. Be sure to tune in on September 27 at 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central).

Time flies when you're watching one of the best medical dramas ever on television, especially when there are so many celebratory moments. As Grey's Anatomy fans, we triumph in these monumentally joyous occasions in the lives of the doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital because we have witnessed their hard work and well-earned journeys; it feels like their successes are ours, too, inspiring us to push harder and dream bigger.

The nuptials of Alex Karev and Jo Wilson, or Catherine Avery and Richard Webber felt like finally getting the wedding invitations to our BFFs' weddings. When Meredith Grey won the Harper Avery award, it was like all her hard work and our cheerleading for her every step of the way had finally paid off. There have been so many great celebratory moments on Grey's over the years, it's almost hard to keep count. We've narrowed it down to six that are sure to give you all the feels, and help prep for the two-hour premiere of season 15. Be sure to tune in to ABC on Sept. 27.