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Charlie Puth How Long Music Video

Did Charlie Puth Just Reference Selena Gomez in His New Music Video?

Charlie Puth just released the music video for his song "How Long," and the internet is blazing about whether or not he's trying to send Selena Gomez a message. In the music video, Charlie is dancing around Los Angeles and then is seen in front of a painting of a girl with long, dark hair who is blindfolded and holding a rose.

The lyrics are also very suggestive. "I'll admit, I was wrong; what else can I say, girl? Can't you blame my head and not my heart? I was drunk, I was gone; that don't make it right but, promise there were no feelings involved," he sings. He goes on to belt out, "I'll admit, it's my fault, but you gotta believe me, when I say it only happened once. I try and I try, but you'll never see that. You're the only one I wanna love, oh yeah." The two collaborated on his song "We Don't Talk Anymore" in 2016, and it was rumored they were dating at the time, though Charlie said they were just friends.

"I'm trying to evade the question," he said on The Tommy Show. "We're friends, and I'm very happy to have collaborated with her. She's a really awesome singer." Looks like Charlie still isn't over whatever connection he felt he had with her. Watch the music video above and decide if you agree with the fans on Twitter.

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