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Freaks and Geeks Personality Quiz

Which Freak or Geek Are You?

Fans of Judd Apatow's famously short-lived show Freaks and Geeks know there are some people in this world you just relate to more than others. For our latest personality quiz, we're determining which character you are. Are you fierce like Kim Kelly, cool like Daniel Desario, or unique like Bill Haverchuck? Answer some simple questions to find out!

Source: NBC

Choose an '80s rocker:

Pick an after-school activity:

Band practice
Vintage shopping
Watching TV
Sneaking into a movie

When someone cuts you in line, you . . .

Ignore it, it doesn’t matter
Get angry but do nothing
You seriously didn’t even notice
Make a sarcastic remark
Tell them your boyfriend will beat them up
Cut them back . . . with a knife

What's your favorite TV show?

You get a really complicated assignment at work/school. You . . .

Do it meticulously
Pay someone else to do it for you
See if your friends want to team up
Get creative with it but still do it wrong
Half-ass it the morning of
Do it, I guess

Which Oscar nominee did you enjoy the most?

You went on a date two days ago but he/she hasn't called you. You . . .

Sink into a deep depression
Go out with someone else
Go egg his/her house
Start a new project to get him/her off your mind
Take out your anxiety on your drum set
Who cares? He/she was only OK

What's for lunch?

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