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Grey's Anatomy Life Lessons

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We've partnered with ABC to reminisce about our favorite Grey's Anatomy moments in advance of season 15. Tune in to the two-hour premiere on Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT).

Grey's Anatomy is returning for its landmark 15th season with a two-hour premiere on Sept. 27 on ABC, and fans won't want to miss a minute of the drama. Grey's Anatomy always brings the feels — and through that, some great life lessons.

We've watched Meredith, Alex, and Bailey grow up right before our eyes, and they're still learning and teaching us so much about adult life. Where would we be without Meredith teaching us that being dark and twisty doesn't mean you can't also want to be treated like a lady? Would we walk into every room like we owned it if Bailey hadn't taught us to be confident and demand respect? And when it comes to matters of the heart, Grey's Anatomy has basically written the rulebook on falling in love, having your heart broken, mastering the art of the casual hookup, and keeping your heart open, always. Learning is built into the show's DNA — after all, the doctors never stop seeking knowledge — and the lessons the characters new and old have taught us are invaluable.

Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Richard Webber, Miranda Bailey, and the rest of the staff at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have been through breakups, career highs and lows, arrests, and health crises. Through it all, they've stood strong, and in the process, the Grey's Anatomy team continues to inspire us to stand up for ourselves, be open to love, and to always, always show your person how much you care. For the past 14 seasons, the interns, doctors, and surgeons of Grey Sloan Memorial have been healing patients and themselves, and along the way they've taught us a thing or two about healing as well.

We're rounding up 11 of the most important life lessons that Grey's Anatomy has taught us so far — and the best part is there's so much more to come from this iconic show. Grey's Anatomy never shies away from hard truths or real talk, so you can bet the life lessons are just getting started. And since season 15 is the "Season of Love," now's an excellent time to channel your inner intern and start taking notes on the powerful lessons this show serves up.

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