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Hugh Jackman Guinness World Record 2019

Hugh Jackman, Man of Many Talents, Is THRILLED With His Guinness World Record

Hugh Jackman has previously said that being a Guinness World Record holder is a dream of his. "When I was a kid, the Guinness Book of Records was it," he once said, and it seems he's finally fulfilled his lifelong dream. In between being the greatest showman of all, displaying adorable PDA with his wife, and fake feuding with Ryan Reynolds, he's become an official record holder for the longest career as a live action Marvel superhero, and he received the news courtesy of British TV show This Morning and Guinness World Records. Hugh received the award in recognition of his role Wolverine. He shares the record with his costar Sir Patrick Stewart, whose tenure as Professor Charles Xavier has also spanned the 16 years between X-Men and Logan.

Presenter Alison Hammond, aka Hugh's best friend, made sure to give him a celebration to remember, including a video message from fellow record holder Patrick, plenty of confetti, and three incredible showgirls. Congratulations to Hugh, who summed it up perfectly when he said "this is why I got into showbiz."

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