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Jared Padalecki Talking About Supernatural Fans 2016

Jared Padalecki Describes His Funny Supernatural Fan Encounter With Jensen Ackles

The final day of Comic-Con took an exciting turn when the Supernatural panel took hold. Stacked with stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and more, the event yielded tons of fun cast interactions and teased plenty of new details about season 12. There was also a fan Q&A session, where one young woman asked if the boys had ever worried about encountering anything otherworldly — a flesh-eating Wendigo, perhaps — in the time since they started working on the show. Padalecki didn't really have much to say about monsters, but he did have a story about a different way the show has carried into his real life. Check out his fun anecdote below, then read his sweet quote about his love for Sam Winchester.

"I'll say something funny. I haven't seen a Wendigo yet, but Jensen and I — so, we both live in Austin with our families. We walked into a restaurant, or a bar, or something, and somebody said, they look at us and go, 'Damn. Are you here to kill some ghosts or something?' Like, they seemed genuinely concerned. Like, 'Man, the Winchesters are here. There's a demon in the back now' . . . We're like, 'We got it, don't worry, you're safe.'"

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