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King's Cross Rail Station Game of Thrones Signs

No One Is More Excited About Game of Thrones' Return Than This London Train Station

If you live in London, there's a good chance you're well aware of Game of Thrones coming back for its seventh season on Sunday . . .even if you're not a fan. King's Cross train station, located in central London, might be known for its connection to Harry Potter, but now it seems they've briefly ditched their fascination with the boy wizard in honor of HBO's fantasy series. An employee at the station has been writing quotes and references from the TV show on information boards around King's Cross, as well as a helpful countdown to when it returns.

Delighted commuters have been sharing photos of the clever signs all over Twitter (we're still waiting to see if London's gang of White Walkers has caught sight of them yet). From classic Tyrion Lannister sayings to some iconic "Hodors," check them all out below before GOT comes crashing back into our lives.

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