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Music City TV Show Details

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Source: CMT/ Music City

We've partnered with CMT's Music City to reveal behind-the-scenes details from the hot new reality show. Tune in to the premiere on Thursday, March 1 at 10/9c!

If you're a reality TV buff, you're already familiar with producer Adam DiVello's repertoire of riveting shows, which includes The Hills and Laguna Beach. Well, hold tight, because his newest buzz-worthy hit, Music City, hits the small screen on March 1. Set in Nashville's competitive music scene, Music City follows five dreamers with goals of finding love and making it big, all while balancing the demands of family, friends, and relationships. In anticipation of the show's debut, we sat down with DiVello to get the inside scoop on the catchy tunes, the swoon-worthy relationships, and the city where it all takes place. Here's why it has all the makings of a reality masterpiece — and your new favorite show — straight from the man himself!