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Netflix Dating Around Season 1: Where Are They Now?

Watched Dating Around and Demand an Update on Each Couple? Well, Don't Get Too Excited

Since hitting Netflix on Valentine's Day, Dating Around has offered a captivating, oftentimes cringeworthy, and, yes, voyeuristic look at what it's like to date in New York City. The first season of the reality series — shot with the streaming platform's typical glossy aesthetic — saw six singles of varying ages, backgrounds, and sexual orientations going on five blind dates. Things got real interesting, real fast.

If you happened to speed through the season, chances are you're curious about where each main cast member landed after picking the suitor they would like to continue dating — of course, with the exception of Gurki, who didn't pick anyone. Fortunately, Netflix gathered them all (Luke, Gurki, Lex, Leonard, Sarah, and Mila) for a round-table discussion about what they each learned about dating after doing it so publicly.

In watching the clip, we learned that Lex and Cory fizzled out following their second date, and the same goes for Luke and Victoria. Luke said, "We went on another date after that, and spent some time together, but it kind of followed along with this typical New York dating, where it just fizzles out." There seems to be no hard feelings there, however, as much of the cast recently reunited and Victoria shared a picture saying she was now Team Betty, who also vied for a second date with Luke.

Sarah hasn't shared many updates since picking Matt for a second date, but in an interview with Vulture, Gurki said Sarah and Matt are "still talking," but much like Luke and Victoria, the two aren't "necessarily full-on dating."

Despite having a "hot date" after being chosen by Mila, Charlotte said they didn't continue dating and she currently has a girlfriend. As for fan-favorite Leonard, he didn't touch on his potential romance with Dianna, although the show's official Twitter account said they may still be dating.

This all brings us to Gurki: despite having a few pleasant dates — and one really, really bad one — she ultimately didn't choose to go on a second date with anyone, presumably because she's still working through some feelings about her divorce. "It was very therapeutic," she said. "I didn't realize I was still holding onto a lot of shame from being divorced and all this sh*t that I dealt with."

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