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Noel Kahn in Pretty Little Liars Season 7

When Was the Last Time We Saw Noel Kahn on Pretty Little Liars?

As you may very well know, Pretty Little Liars has brought back a few familiar faces for its seventh season. So far, Jenna Marshall has returned to town, and she suspiciously meets up with Sarah Harvey in this week's episode. But that's not the only one she's having drinks with. At the very end of the episode, Noel Kahn meets the two in the bar at Radley Hotel, looking pretty happy to see them.

Of course, Noel's roots in Rosewood run deep. And as the show went on, we learned that Noel had known Alison was alive long before anyone else did and helped her. He's also, at one point or another, dated Aria, Mona, and Jenna. It looks like he and Jenna are back in contact, but when was the last time we caught up with the rich bad boy anyway?

That would be all the way back in season five. Noel has been helping Ali, but the rest of the girls don't trust him. After all, they think, at one point, Alison has hired him to choke Spencer. Emily breaks into his car and finds pictures of Alison along with a recorder. When confronted, he admits to having them in case Alison turns on him. Spencer ends up hitting him with a fireplace poker when he tries to get his keys back from her. She then blackmails him using some incriminating photos.

So has Noel changed from his scheming ways? Is he on Ali's side, working as a double agent and getting intel from Jenna and Sara? Or has he switched to operate under a more sinister agenda? It's hard to tell after his meeting with these two bad girls. Only time will tell if this is another fake-out or the beginning of the show's final game.

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