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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 2017 Details

A Time Jump, a "Deadly" Game, and More Teases From Pretty Little Liars' Final 10

Our days with Pretty Little Liars are tragically numbered. At this point, we all know season 7B has been confirmed as the last season of the show. Going into this precious handful of episodes, we also know which big questions need answers. The identity of "A.D." is at the top of the list. But, well, how will we get there? And what else is out there for the last chapter?

1. The Main Facts About the Season

There are 10 remaining episodes of the show. Of course, we have some huge mysteries to tie up; the identity of Charlotte's killer and the real mastermind behind everything are at the top of the list. But before we get to the big answers at the end, some questions remain for the 7B premiere. Is Spencer alive, and what will happen now that we know she's Mary Drake's child? Are Ezra and Aria still getting married? What will "A.D." do with Jenna? Hopefully we'll figure out a lot right off the bat.

2. The Series Finale Clues From the Creator

We're excited for all of the new episodes, but the series finale is perhaps the most anticipated part of the last season. Creator I. Marlene King gave fans an epic tease when she tweeted out pieces of dialogue from the episode. She alluded to the state police, offered sad words from Toby, hinted at some wedding vows, implied the possibility of murder, and offered sad parting words.

In a recent interview about the end, King provided a bit more insight. The series finale is an event, more like a two-hour movie. There are traces of bigger themes and kind of a "full-circle" feeling. Oh, and about those nuptials? It seems there might be more than one wedding in store.

3. There Will Be One More Time Jump

If you thought the "five years forward" was as far into the future that we'd be flung, you're wrong. During the Pretty Little Liars panel at the Television Critics' Association Winter press tour, creator I. Marlene King said, "There will be a one‑year time jump before it ends."

4. There's One Last "Deadly" Game For the Girls to Play

At the TCA panel, King also revealed that the girls would start a final game with "A.D." in the premiere. "It's a board game that is created by 'A,' and he forces the PLLs to play this game in the final 10 episodes," she said. "The stakes are incredibly high."

5. There's . . . a Musical Number on the Horizon?

Yes, you read that correctly. At the same TCA panel, director Oliver Goldstick revealed that a musical number is happening. "A lot of you do know this because you follow [the main stars] now, but all of them have incredible different talents, and singing happens to be one of them," Goldstick revealed.

6. We've Got Snaps From the Last Table Read Ever

At the beginning of October, it became clear things were really wrapping up. The cast posted snaps from the final script reading, and they shared an outpouring of love, emotions, gratitude, and more on their various social media accounts. The end is officially, officially in sight.

7. Cryptic Hints From the Actress Behind Charlotte DiLaurentis

Hold up, is there a chance Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) could somehow return to Rosewood? We have a weird feeling. In October, Ray spoke to Us Weekly about the show, suggesting she could make a triumphant return. "I have been keeping up with the show," she said, "and you might see my face soon. I love getting to be around that crew and the lovely cast." King has been known to bring back characters in flashbacks and various other ways, so it's not entirely unbelievable that Charlotte DiLaurentis could return.

8. The Projected Premiere Date

The new episodes will premiere on April 18!

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