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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Interview With Ashley Benson

A Cryptic New Interview With Ashley Benson About Pretty Little Liars

Hanna Marin is in grave danger on Pretty Little Liars. As a refresher, the end of the season six finale left us all in shock as "A.D." drags an unconscious Hanna across the floor in some undisclosed location. With a whole slew of new pictures from the season seven premiere and no Hanna in sight, we're really starting to worry that Hanna might die. Luckily, a recent visit to the Pretty Little Liars set gave us a chance to interview Ashley Benson, who plays Hanna on the show. Keep reading to see the questions she fielded from us — and one other journalist — about the upcoming season.

Can you give us an idea on how the season is going to start off?
Ashley Benson: The beginning of the season starts off right where we left it in the season finale of season six. So basically, everyone is trying to find Hanna. . . . She's being tortured and abused, in all kinds of ways, and they're just trying to save her.

Are we going to get to see a face or a mask of who the person is?
AB: No. You'll see a shadowy figure, but you won't actually see who it is.

A voice?
AB: No. No. Just me.

So what can you say about both Dr. Rollins and Mary Drake's motivations going forward? How will these clash with A.D.?
AB: I mean, to be honest. I don't know what parts they play in the "A" of it all. . . . Mary Drake and Elliot [tie in] to Charlotte and her murder. They could be on the "A" team; I'm not sure. But, as of now, I think that they are a team, and they could be teaming up with "A" eventually.

So, Hanna and Caleb. What can we look forward to seeing with them?
AB: I mean, I say I always want them to be together, but I don't know if that's where their storyline is going to go. I hope it does. . . . In a perfect world, I mean, I would want them to get back together. But, we'll see.

Hanna has kind of a more special relationship with Mona. How is Mona going to play into her rescue?
AB: Well to be honest, with Hanna's rescue, it's not going to be who you think it would be. In terms of helping Hanna get it together and trying to find a way out or staying alive . . . I think Mona is definitely team Hanna at this point. I think that she will do anything to protect her and the other girls, surprisingly.

Do you think that kiss with Caleb is going to affect Hanna and Spencer's relationship?
AB: Yeah, I mean . . . if she finds out that they kissed, then yeah. For sure.

So, she hasn't found out yet?
AB: No, but I also haven't been filming with them.

Oh, interesting.
AB: You never know what's happening!

So, is there any burning question you're excited to answer in the season ahead?
AB: I mean, we do answer a lot in this season premiere. I think it's just going to be really cool for the fans to see what happens to Hanna, because I think that was the biggest cliffhanger. And, of course, the reveal of who it is.

Is it possible that Hanna gets rescued completely in the season premiere? Could she be still in wherever—
AB: Is she even alive at this point? I could be filming flashbacks this whole time, and you'd never know.

It's so fun to be a flashback girl, right?
AB: It is.

Who should we be especially suspicious of right now?
AB: Everybody is a suspect. So be suspicious of everyone.

That's a good call. Honestly, I'm always suspicious of Lucas. Will we see him again?
AB: They're definitely bringing back a ton of characters from the first couple seasons. Lucas is one of them. Jenna Marshall is one of them. Lucas is always — you're either team Lucas, or you're very skeptical of him. I think he could be a completely innocent nice guy, or he could be hiding a really dark secret, and he could be a part of another team.

Going into this season, what's something you would hint to the audience about?
AB: Relationships. Yeah. Pay close attention to relationships. As weird as that is.

Not weird. It's nice to have something to puzzle out.

Image Sources: Getty / Jason Merritt and Freeform
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