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Quiz: Which '90s TV Neighbor Are You?

Which '90s TV Neighbor Are You?

No '90s sitcom was complete without the next-door neighbor. Whether they were friendly or rude, helpful or annoying, most of our favorite childhood shows had them, and now it's time to figure out just which one of them you most identify with. Did you do that? Find out if you're more of a Steve Urkel or Mr. Feeny when you take our quiz now.

Pick a love song:

You have a huge exam tomorrow. How do you prepare?

Study for an hour and hope it all sticks
Go over my thorough and methodical notes
Meet up with my study group
Hide my face in the books
Stay up all night, cramming
I'm "prepared" to copy my best friend's test

What's your favorite pastime?

If you had to describe yourself in one word, it would be:


Pick an animal:

Now pick a sweater:

When you get to your BFF's house, the first thing you do is:

Ask her about her day
Tell her how messy it is
Make yourself comfortable on the couch
Accidentally break something
Go through her closet
Pour yourself a drink

In school, you were:

The geek
The chatterbox
The know-it-all
The class clown
The outcast
The jock
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