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What Type of Runner Are You? I Personality Quiz

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Source: POPSUGAR Photography

Think of yourself as a faithful jogger? We partnered with Tampax® Pearl® Active™ to help you determine what type of runner you really are.

Are you the type who loves heading out for a run or do you have to push yourself to actually lace up those jogging shoes? Whether it's your favorite way to work out or you are still a bit in denial over getting your cardio on, take this fun quiz to find out what type of runner you really are.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

When you think about running, your first emotion is:


What's your favorite type of run?

Long-distance marathons
Hitting the track
A challenging outside trail
The park
At least a 3-mile walk/run
Hill repeats

Choose a breakfast.

How many marathons have you run?

5 to 10
10+ and counting
At least 20
I average one a month
More than I can count

Where do you dream of running?

How important are the health benefits of running to you?

Doesn't matter — would still run hard
I love the long-term benefits
It's such a stress reliever
I run to stay fit
You can't beat the endorphin rush

How do you indulge after a long run?