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Reasons to Be Excited For Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy

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We've partnered with ABC to count down all the reasons we can't wait for the next season of Grey's Anatomy. Tune in to the two-hour premiere on September 27 at 8pm Eastern (7pm Central).

Pop culture juggernaut Grey's Anatomy is returning for its 15th season with a two-hour premiere on Sept. 27 on ABC, and there are so many reasons for fans to be excited about heading back to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital this year. Just from the teasers alone, it's clear that there's major drama ahead for your favorite characters. New cases, new romances, new cliffhangers — our hearts are already pounding just thinking about what's coming up next for the new characters and favorites like Alex, Amelia, and Owen. No other show on TV brings the drama quite like this one, and we have been missing our weekly dose of the feels.

And you better believe season 15, a.k.a. The Season of Love is going to bring us all of the feels we can handle, and a whole lot that we can't, because that's just how a show that once had a patient admitted with a bomb in their chest rolls. Prepare yourselves now, because it's time to get back on the emotional rollercoaster ride that is life at Grey Sloan Memorial. Get ready for the new year by diving into these 15 reasons we're beyond excited for season 15 of Grey's Anatomy.

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