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SNL "Bar Fight" Sketch Video February 2019

A Bar Fight Suddenly Turns Into an Impressive Synchronized Dance in This SNL Sketch

Don Cheadle has some serious moves! On the Feb. 16 episode of Saturday Night Live, the 54-year-old actor hosted the show and starred in a sketch about a bar fight that ends in a musical number. In the skit, Cheadle is enjoying a drink at a pub when a man bumps into him. The two get all riled up before deciding to take swings at each other.

Cheadle's foe requests that someone play his fighting song on a nearby jukebox. But things instantly go from tense and aggressive to soft and light when the music player accidentally starts serenading the bar with the upbeat tune "Lollipop" by recording artist Mika. "What is this song?" Cheadle says. "It's very bright. It's very fun. This is your fighting song?!" The men then decide to wait out the song while still trying to hold on to their anger before brawling. That proves to be ineffective as they can't fight the beat and end up prancing to the airy jam. The musical number gets even better when everyone at the bar breaks out in a synchronized dance, and it's pretty darn impressive. Watch the melodic moment in the video above!

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