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SNL "Future Self" Sketch Video March 2019

The Funniest Part About This SNL Sketch Is Sandra Oh's Voice (and Can of Four Loko)

Sandra Oh made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut on March 30, and it's safe to say that she did not disappoint. We already knew that Oh is a talented actress, but during the show's "Future Self" sketch, we saw a rather, uh, different side of her. The skit centers around an unhappy man (Mikey Day) who looks into a magical mirror and talks to a future version of himself. He learns that his life does improve and he ends up finding a girlfriend (Oh). In comes Oh's character — with colorful hair worn in pigtails, a neon green bra, an arm cast, and baggy pants — holding a Four Loko and speaking in a rather jarring voice. If that sounds like the total opposite of the characters you're used to seeing Oh play, then that's because it is. But you know what? We kind of dig it.

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