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Should I Go to Bonnaroo?

23 Reasons You Should Finally Go to Bonnaroo This Year

Should I Go to Bonnaroo?

I've been to Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival three times now, and each year is just as special as the first.

In general, I'm drawn to music festivals. I've attended Lollapalooza and Pitchfork in Chicago, Panorama in New York, Outside Lands in San Francisco, and, most recently, Hangout Fest (which I highly recommend). Bonnaroo, however, feels different — like a great music festival, but also a tradition.

Fair warning: Bonnaroo is not for everyone. It's very hot and humid, so unless you grew up in the South like I did, you could find it intolerable. It's also not easy to get to, since Manchester, TN, is an hour drive from Nashville. But perhaps the biggest dealbreaker for many people is the camping. Almost all of the attendees camp out on "the farm" (aka the 700 acres of land where Bonnaroo takes place), and unless you opt for an RV or a hotel in town (which means lots of travel time back and forth), you're sleeping in a tent, by your car, in what amounts to a massive parking lot.

If that all sounds tolerable to you, then I highly recommend going to Bonnaroo at least once, because it's truly unlike any music festival I've ever experienced. Here are 23 reasons it's my favorite music festival.

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