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Spencer Reid Criminal Minds GIFs

12 Reasons Spencer Reid Is the Best Part of Criminal Minds

Image Source: CBS

The ever-changing ensemble cast of Criminal Minds is always on point, taking down unsubs and bringing happily ever afters to families across the nation. While the team couldn't properly function without each of its very crucial members, there's really one who reigns supreme day in and day out β€” and who has been with the Behavioral Analysis Unit since day one.

Yes, Dr. Spencer Reid, sometimes referred to (completely appropriately) as Pretty Boy, is the FBI's resident genius and nerdy hot guy. He makes a giant vocabulary sound oh so good and sweater vests unfairly attractive. But he's more than just a pretty face and a brilliant mind! He's also a loyal friend to everyone in the BAU and a devoted son. He truly is the best reason to watch Criminal Minds, as further proved by the following 12 reasons that are only partially credited to Matthew Gray Gubler's unfairly beautiful face.

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