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Stranger Things Soundtrack

Every Classic '80s Song You Hear While Binge-Watching Stranger Things

Stranger Things arrived on Netflix in mid-July in a rush of '80s nostalgia, bringing us a thrilling (and sometimes terrifying) story about 11-year-old Will Byers, who is abducted from his small town by a mysterious creature, and the lengths his friends and family will go to save him. Not only does Netflix's sci-fi drama pack in tons of classic movie references, but it has one hell of a soundtrack. In addition to the creepy-cool opening theme composed by synth quartet Survive, Will and his older brother bond over rock staples like "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash, while other characters fall in love to the not-at-all-cheesy sounds of Toto's "Africa" (Nancy and Steve, we're looking at you). Since there's still a while until it returns for season two, quench your thirst for all things 1983 by giving our playlist a listen.

Image Source: Netflix
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