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Tony Goldwyn Interview About Scandal Season 4

Is Fitz Good Enough For Olivia? Tony Goldwyn Tells Us

After weeks of a painful blackout, a new episode of Scandal will air this week. We have lots of questions about what's coming up: Who took Olivia? Does Fitz know anything? Is Olitz actually meant to be? What's going on? We caught up with Tony Goldwyn, aka President Fitzgerald Grant, about Scandal's big return, whether he thinks Fitz is worthy of Olivia, and if we'll ever get to see some dance moves from him. See what he had to say, plus hear about the time a stranger licked his face, below.

POPSUGAR: What can you tell us about what's coming up on Scandal?
Tony Goldwyn: I can tell you that the show completely shifts gears in this week's episode. Shonda [Rhimes] goes in a whole new direction she's never gone in before. It's pretty outrageous. We'll obviously get much more into what happens to Olivia and what the impact is on Fitz and the White House. It's going to have an interesting impact on Fitz and Mellie's relationship.

PS: Do you personally think Fitz is worthy of Olivia?
TG: Yeah I do, absolutely. Pretty much all of the mistakes that Fitz has made are due to his blindness about Olivia. And vice versa with Olivia; that's true both ways. If they could cut through all the garbage that stands in their way in terms of their baggage and the circumstances of their lives, they could have an incredibly healthy, productive, powerful relationship. They are the best versions of themselves when they're with each other. They're both flawed human beings — well, Fitz definitely is — but he's demonstrated that he's willing to give up everything for her.


PS: Will we get to see Fitz and Jake interacting more?
TG: You'll definitely see them interacting more, for sure. The loss of Olivia becomes a common problem.

PS: Can we expect any Fitz dance moves?
TG: I have no idea. I'm hoping there's not a Fitz-Jake dance-off. I had to direct Jake's dance scene, so I guess he owes me one. It was so much fun to direct that episode, and I thought Scott [Foley] did a pretty great job. I definitely think that's more of a Jake-Olivia thing, but who knows? Shonda likes her dancing. Well, she likes her dancing men.

PS: Have you had any strange fan encounters?
TG: Yeah, a lot. The strangest was the woman who licked me on the street. That was weird. She asked if she could take my picture and she turned to kiss me while the picture was being taken, and I turned my head going, "Whoa, that's not happening." And she licked my neck instead. Then she took her camera and said "thank you" and walked away.

PS: Besides Scandal and your fellow TGIT shows, what do you watch on TV?
TG: I love The Americans, House of Cards, The Blacklist, and Downton Abbey, of course. Homeland is brilliant.

PS: On a scale of one to 10, how excited were you to see George Clooney on Downton Abbey?
TG: 10.

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