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Travis Fimmel in Maggie's Plan

This Is the Indie Movie You Need to See If You Love Vikings' Travis Fimmel

Fans of historical fiction series Vikings know very well how sexy star Travis Fimmel is as Ragnar, the show's warrior hero, but unfortunately for those same fans, admiration of his sexiness comes only during the show's relatively short season runs. The series has kept him too busy to shoot other projects — except for the indie romantic comedy Maggie's Plan, which is currently charming audiences at the Sundance Film Festival.

Fimmel plays a character so far from Ragnar in the Greta Gerwig film that you might not even recognize him at first — and not just because it's set in modern times. He plays Guy, a Brooklyn-based "pickle entrepreneur" — aka he creates artisanal pickles to sell at the likes of Whole Foods — and tries to woo Gerwig's character Maggie. As Guy, Fimmel still has the burly beard, but his often-shaved clean head is constantly covered by a goofy-looking Winter hat. He rocks plaid shirts, cozy vests, and cargo shorts, which doesn't exactly sound like the sexiest look, but with Fimmel's face under all that Brooklyn hipster artisan-wear? It's still damn sexy. Oh, and to remind you how he normally looks on Vikings, gaze at this and swoon.

You'll be able to see Maggie's Plan yourself when the film is released by Sony Pictures Classics on May 20.

Image Source: Everett Collection
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