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This Is Us Big Three Video

The Reason This Is Us's Teenage Randall Didn't Want to Meet Sterling K. Brown

Turns out some of the shocking twists on This Is Us actually happen off screen. In a digital exclusive for the first season, the cast members reveal some interesting facts about the three generations of the Big Three. Not only were Justin Hartley and Parker Bates (who plays 9-year-old Kevin) wearing the exact same thing when they first met, but it turns out that Chrissy Metz and Hannah Zeile (who plays 15-year-old Kate) had a cool connection as well. Plus, Niles Fitch (who plays 15-year-old Randall) reveals the interesting reason he decided to avoid Sterling K. Brown, or "Mr. Sterling," as he adorably calls him, during filming. See the heartwarming video segment above.

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