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Is Varys From Game of Thrones Bald in Real Life?

Game of Thrones: Varys Has a Full Head of Luscious Hair in Real Life, and I Can't Get Over

Image Source: HBO

Game of Thrones' Conleth Hill is a fantastic actor who makes us question the character of Varys so much that we're not even sure if he's a human or a mermaid — he's that talented. He also happens to be a skilled grower of hair. That's right, Varys has hair in real life, and it's a gorgeous mane. Hill appeared with the cast at San Diego Comic-Con, and to be completely honest, it took me a minute to realize who he was. Here, can you even tell where he is?

I'll zoom in.

He could be on a Rogaine commercial.

Your dad wishes he could have this head of hair.

You're welcome for this PSA.

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