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The Walking Dead Pocket Watch

The Walking Dead: Why Maggie's Pocket Watch Is So Important

After a sluggish journey to the finale, The Walking Dead wrapped its season with yet another main character death, along with raising a few new questions. But even as we're sweating the big stuff such as whether or not Michonne will make it, there are some small things weighing heavy on our minds.

Like, what's up with that silver pocket watch we see Maggie holding at the end of the episode? It appears to be the same one that belonged to Glenn, which had been given to him by her father, Hershel, as a symbol of his acceptance of their relationship. The pocket watch has appeared in various episodes over the years, including the season five premiere, when Rick uses the chain to carve a shiv. Earlier this season, Maggie nearly leaves it on Glenn's grave but changes her mind at the last minute. Does this mean she's planning to pass it onto her unborn child? And why have we seen it so much this season?

At the very least, it's part of a long-running Easter egg. "Every episode that we shoot we adjust the time on the watches and the clocks to whatever episode it is we're shooting," said producer Greg Nicotero. In the finale, the watch is stopped at 6:20, which should equate to season six, episode 20 . . . except that's not the episode we're on. That's not even an episode, since season six ends in 16 episodes.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until season eight to find out if it's going to play an even more important role later on.

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