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Where Is the End of A Star Is Born Filmed?

The SAG Awards Have an Important, Emotional Connection to A Star Is Born

Warning: spoilers for A Star Is Born ahead!

The SAG Awards are a night of celebration and excitement for many celebrities, but for Lady Gaga, they also mark a return to an important location from A Star Is Born. On Jan. 27, the 32-year-old best actress nominee made her way back to thhe Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles for the award show, the same theater where she filmed the movie's final song and paid tribute to Judy Garland.

The decision to film the scene in Shrine Auditorium was an homage to the 1954 version of A Star Is Born, where Judy Garland's character Esther receives a standing ovation after introducing herself as "Mrs. Norman Maine."

In the 2018 remake, Gaga's character Ally finds lyrics for the ballad "I'll Never Love Again," which her husband Jackson Maine wrote for her while in rehab. At the film's end, following Jackson's tragic suicide, Ally performs the heartbreaking number at his memorial service in a hauntingly beautiful final scene. Like Esther, she introduces herself to the audience as "Ally Maine."

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