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Which Can't Hardly Wait Character Are You?

Which Can't Hardly Wait Character Are You?

Can't Hardly Wait captures '90s teen movies at their finest, with all the signature cliques and wild party moments that came to define the decade's most popular teen films. The 1998 flick follows t-shirt-wearing Preston Meyers (Ethan Embry) as he tries to capture the attention of newly single Amanda Beckett (Jennifer Love Hewitt), the most popular girl in school, during one seriously over-the-top house party. There are beer-drinking geeks, rekindled romances, and awkward pairs trapped in the bathroom — not to mention an angel stripper, a yearbook-obsessed senior, and an arrogant jock who's scared to leave the high school bubble. With Jennifer Love Hewitt turning 36 this week, now is the perfect time to see which character you are. Take this quiz to find out!

Source: Columbia Pictures

Pick a '90s snack food.

This is your favorite decade:

No time like the present
Anytime but now

Which teen movie do you love most?

At a wedding, you're usually the one who:

Is in the bridal party
Hits the bar
Mingles with everyone
Fist pumps
Doesn't bring a date
Talks to the crazy uncle
Lets people come to you
Flirts with the bridal party
Enjoys drunken heart-to-hearts

Pick a female pop star.

During a breakup, you:

Stay pretty passive
Have the last word
Drink through it
Get mad, then get sad
Take some low blows
Can't help the name-calling
Try to keep smiling
Turn to friends for help
Stick to staying distracted

What do you do with your alone time?

Live at the gym
Go to therapy
Listen to music
Head to the mall
Try DIY spa treatments
Plan the next outfit
Read and write
Play video games
Get lost on the Internet

Which children's book do you love?

What's your party pet peeve?

Lame pickup lines
Not being invited
Being forced to dance
Anyone killing the vibe, man
People grouping into cliques
When it's planned via Facebook
An empty bar
A flirty tease
A nonsmoking rule
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