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Supernatural's season 12 premiere is finally here, thank goodness. It's been a long Summer! We can spend hours ruminating on our love of Jensen Ackles's faces and Jared Padalecki in general, but that will only take us so far in passing the time. We've learned there are four main characters that we can count on: Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Crowley. Which one is most like you? Take our quiz, and find out below!

Image Source: The CW

How do you prefer to start your day?

What do you do when you're in danger?

Say, "STOP."

Pick a Dean.

Pick a Sam.

Pick one of these affectionate terms.


What's your happy ending?

Settling down with a spouse and kids.
Vanquishing all evil.
Being the king of everything.
A good burger, fries, and a beer.

Pick a TV show.

What is most important to you?


What do you fear the most?


Which of these Supernatural creatures is the WORST?

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