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Which True Blood Character Is Right For You?

Which True Blood Character Should You Have a Weird Sex Dream About?

Everyone knows what happens when you drink a vampire's blood in the True Blood universe: you start to have vivid sex dreams about said vampire. We've seen it time and time again — Eric and Jason's steamy scene from earlier this season was the latest in a long list of sexy dream hookups. And now, we know what you're thinking, and not because we're faeries like Sookie. We're just working off a hunch. Find out who you'd have a True Blood-style sex dream about before the series wraps up this weekend!

Image Source: HBO

So, what do you really think of vampires?

Ugh, so hot
Spawns of the devil, obviously
They're fine, I guess
I'm just sick of them
I mean, I pretty much am one
They're top of the food chain
I want all of them

Which of these characters is the absolute worst?

How do you deal with heartbreak?

I make amends and make friends.
I cut them out forever.
I shove it down and forget it.
I just have a good cry.
I have many good cries.
My heart doesn't break.
I pretend everything's fine.
Listen, I'm the heartbreaker here.
I pretty much have a breakdown.

Pick one of these horror novels.

Which of these makes you feel most satisfied?

Casual hookups
Junk food
Getting what I want
Being sassy
Taking care of others
Being loved
Taking risks

Which of these refreshments would you like right now?

Which of these superpowers is obviously the best?

Superhuman speed
Superhuman strength
Ability to heal
Bottomless appetite

Pick an album from the past year.

Where's the best place to have sex?

Uh, the bedroom
A snowy mountaintop
A graveyard
The back of a pick-up truck
A dungeon
Pretty much anywhere, TBH
The woods
Please! I am pure and chaste!
In the shower/bath

If you had to become a supernatural being, what would you be?

A werewolf
A vampire
A faerie
A maenad
A shifter
A skinwalker
A werepanther
A medium
A bloodthirsty demigod
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