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Why Does Gordon Klein Get Arrested in Big Little Lies?

Welp, Renata's Husband Got Himself Into Some Seriously Shady Sh*t on Big Little Lies

It seems inevitable that one (or five) people will eventually be arrested on season two of Big Little Lies. But while viewers were on the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen to the Monterey Five, someone who wasn't on the balcony that fateful night was taken into police custody: Gordon Klein, who was arrested for security fraud. He wasn't involved in Perry Wright's death, but he committed crimes of his own.

As it turns out, Mr. Renata Klein is engaged in some seriously shady (and by shady, we mean illegal) business dealings and has lost all of the family's money as a result. In episode two of season two, "Tell-Tale Hearts," Gordon and Renata are headed to the coffee shop when the FBI arrives and places Gordon under arrest for "Securities Fraud."

As he later explains to Renata, Gordon and some of his pals engaged in a stock-shorting scheme. But Gordon took it a step further and did some buying and selling based on knowledge only he had — otherwise known as "insider trading." In addition to the whole matter of her husband being arrested for a crime she had no idea he committed, Renata and her friends are now at greater risk of their secret being exposed. The couple's finances are linked, so the FBI seizes her assets and her laptop. (Nice going, Gordon.)


On the bright side, the whole situation prompted the instantly iconic one-liner of the episode and possibly the season: "I WILL NOT NOT BE RICH!" an enraged Renata screams at Gordon in a moment where he's probably thanking his lucky stars that he and his wife are separated by plexiglass. Renata attends Gordon's preliminary hearing in which we hear the list of official charges: security fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. He's released on bail, but it's safe to say their marriage is officially on the rocks.

In addition to feeling furious and betrayed by her husband, this could cause serious problems for the Monterey Five. Madeline appears panicked when Renata tells her that the FBI seized her laptop — and, while I doubt the group conversed over email about Perry's death, it seems entirely possible that they discussed his domestic abuse of Celeste and Jane's rape. As evidenced by the fact that Chloe told her classmates about Ziggy's paternity, Madeline hasn't exactly been subtle about the subject.

Then there's the matter of how law enforcement became aware of Gordon's crimes. Detective Adrienne Quinlan, who has made clear that she doesn't believe Perry's death was an accident, was present during the arrest, and Renata tells Madeline she believes Quinlan has been following them. Furthermore, a preview shows Mary Louise meeting with Quinlan and urging her to investigate Perry's death as a homicide. It's hardly a surprise that Mary Louise is pursuing the matter, but now Gordon's crimes could have serious ramifications for the Monterey Five.

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