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Wonder Woman Epilogue Video

A Delightful Sneak Peek at the Wonder Woman Epilogue Blesses Us With More Etta Candy

The Wonder Woman sequel is much further off than we're willing to admit, but luckily Warner Bros. has decided to throw us all a bone. In honor of the upcoming digital and DVD release of the celebrated superhero film, an epilogue scene featuring Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) and Steve Trevor's eclectic trio of friends has been released via the Yahoo Movies Twitter account.

In it, Etta informs them of a new, "top secret" mission that they've been tasked with. Apparently the gang needs to collect a mysterious artifact along the western Belgian front that's "very old and very powerful." What could it be? One of the Mother Boxes that help turn Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) into Cyborg, perhaps? Apparently we'll just have to wait until Justice League hits theaters in November to find out.

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