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Zoë Kravitz Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Super Bowl Ad 2019

Relax Your Mind With Zoë Kravitz in This Soothing ASMR-Inspired Michelob Ultra Ad

Turns out, Zoë Kravitz has the perfect voice for ASMR videos. The Big Little Lies actress stars in a new commercial for Michelob Ultra's Pure Gold USDA-certified organic beer, in which she shows off her impressive autonomous sensory meridian response skills. The ad — which is set to air during the Super Bowl — features Kravitz against the lush backdrop of Honolulu ("Not too shabby of a place to work," as Kravitz told POPSUGAR), as she takes the audience through the surprisingly soothing process of cracking open an ice-cold beer. Kravitz opened up to POPSUGAR about the ASMR experience, as well as why Michelob Ultra's organic beer hits the spot.

"I did some research before we shot and watched some [ASMR] videos, and I think it's really interesting," Kravitz said over the phone on Jan. 25. "Even if I didn't experience that tingly sensation, it always captured my attention in a way that I found really calming. When something can actually fully grab your attention, you're not thinking about the millions of thoughts that are constantly running through your head. I find that element to be really calming."

When it came to getting involved with the Pure Gold campaign, it seemed to be a natural fit for Kravitz, who prioritizes clean, organic products in her own life. "I love the idea of an organic beer that's available to the masses," Kravitz said. "I try to eat and drink and use skin products [that are] organic, because it makes me feel better and more responsible knowing the ingredients that I'm putting inside of my body. I loved the idea of being the messenger for this wonderful organic option."

So, is Kravitz — an actress, singer, and model — also a big beer drinker? "I like beer! I have to be in the right mood, but I think I'm like that with everything," she laughed. "The thing about beer is: when you want one, and you get one, and it's cold and it's the right moment. . . it's just the most satisfying thing. It's just so perfect when it's perfect." I couldn't have said it better myself. See Zoë Kravitz's ASMR skills when you watch the commercial above now. Cheers!

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