Adam Sandler's Ode to Essential Workers Reminds Us There's More Than 1 Way to Say Thank You

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Adam Sandler recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: At Home Edition, where he performed his new "quarantine song." After Sandler and Fallon talked about how cute each other's children were, Sandler picked up his guitar and sang about the important work doctors and nurses are doing at this time, thanking them for their help and encouraging everyone to stay home — and sneaking in a few hilarious lyrics, of course.

Although Sandler didn't have the words memorized, he threw on a pair of sunglasses so people wouldn't see him "peeking at his notes so much." Throughout the song he thanked various essential workers including the Italian, Spanish, and Chinese doctors who are hard at work. Watch the full performance above to hear Sandler's song about doctors, nurses . . . and how he misses hugging his mailman.