Alicia Keys's Debut Performance of "Perfect Way to Die" During BET Awards Is Hauntingly Beautiful

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Alicia Keys performed her new song, "Perfect Way to Die," during the 2020 BET Awards on Sunday, and it was nothing short of emotional. "Whether it's spiritual, or the blues, jazz, or hip-hop, music has always been the voice of the Black experience," Amanda Seales said as she introduced Keys's performance. "It speaks to our resilience, our resistance, and even in the messiest of circumstances we find melody. Tonight, as we revel in Black music, we must also honor the lives of those who have brought us to this moment of consciousness."

As the singer played the piano in an empty city, there were shots of murals featuring Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, and George Floyd throughout the video. The performance ended on a powerful note — Keys stood up from her piano and knelt in the street, which was filled with the names of Black men and women whose lives have been lost. Watch her moving performance above.