Professional Ballerina Alicia Holloway Might Be the Most Impressive Bachelor Contestant Ever

Alicia Holloway, a contestant on Matt James's season of The Bachelor, is one of many in the franchise's history who has a cool job: she's a professional ballerina! And as a driven, confident woman, she wants a man who's also willing to put work into the relationship so it can succeed. Considering her dream date entails a charcuterie board, we can confidently say that Alicia is not only admirable, but relatable, and we can't wait to see her twirl across our screens. We're even thinking about taking one of her private ballet classes! Before the season starts, grab some hot chocolate (a drink Alicia loves), get cozy, and read ahead to learn more about the outstanding and accomplished person she is.


She Competed to Become Miss West Virginia

As Miss Tri-State Area in 2019, Alicia competed in the Miss West Virginia pageant. While she didn't win in the end, we're just glad her path led her to The Bachelor!


She's a Hardworking Professional Ballerina Living in New York

Alicia started pursuing professional ballet as a career when she was 13 years old. She worked hard and has found success, saying she wouldn't change a thing. She dances at the prestigious Dance Theatre of Harlem.


She Performed With Aretha Franklin

We have extra r-e-s-p-e-c-t for Alicia after reading she's performed with Aretha Franklin! We can't even imagine how amazing that would be.


She Threw a Birthday Party For Her Cat, Mila

Alicia has a cat named Mila, and on Mila's second birthday, Alicia threw a party! "Mila has changed my life in the best way and I cannot picture my life without my cuddly baby," she wrote in an Instagram post.


She Starred as the Sugar Plum Fairy

A huge fan of The Nutcracker, Alicia was thrilled to dance as the Sugar Plum Fairy. It's an iconic role, and a huge accomplishment for any dancer.


She Loves the Outdoors

While she's a city girl, Alicia also enjoys spending some time in nature. "Hugeeeee nature girl," she wrote in an Instagram post from Zion National Park.