Anna Started Drama on The Bachelor This Week — Here's What We Know About Her

Anna Redman made a splash the moment she walked onto The Bachelor, before anyone even knew anything about her, for her uncanny resemblance to former bachelorette Hannah Brown. Since then, though, she's definitely made a mark on Matt's season, coming out of nowhere to spark some serious drama with Brittany, one of the five women who joined the show a few episodes late. Up until then, Anna was pretty much in the background of the season, so you might be wondering about her and what's motivating her at the moment. While we can't answer for her reasons, we can at least share what we know about her so far! Keep reading for the rundown on Anna and what she says she's really looking for on this journey.


She's a Professional Writer

Anna's official ABC bio lists her occupation as "copywriter," but that's not the extent of her hopes for her writing career. She also wants to write screenplays for Hallmark movies!


She's Always Been a Little Hollywood

According to her ABC bio, Anna's parents gave her the nickname "Hollywood" at an early age, "thanks to her affinity for chic scarves and oversized sunglasses."


She Has Some Food Quirks

The "fun facts" section of contestant bios always reveals some funny stuff, and Anna is no exception. She "is TERRIFIED of fish and OBSESSED with cheese."


She's From the Midwest

Anna grew up in Minnesota, where she had the classic small-town experience, from family dinners to high school cheerleading and more. She's since moved to Chicago, just a couple of states over, to build her career.


She's a Gemini

Anna's ABC bio offhandedly mentions her "Gemini vibes," and we're honestly not surprised! Her adventurous Gemini spirit is on full display, as she also mentions how she's "an 'experience junkie' and once convinced a pilot to let her fly the plane over bluffs of Minnesota for 15 minutes."


She's Looking For a Mind at Work

More than anything, Anna says she's looking for a man who will be her match and keep up with her. "She needs someone who is a match for her intellect but will also always want to keep life fun," her ABC bio notes. "Oh . . . and her dream guy must enjoy doing puzzles with her!"