What We Know About New Bachelor Contestant Brittany Galvin — Beyond the Drama

The contestants on The Bachelor were not happy when five new women arrived on Monday night's episode, but the one who bore the brunt of it all was Brittany Galvin. The 23-year-old from Chicago was immediately thrust into drama when Anna, a fellow Chicagoan, accused her of being an escort in front of everyone. It was a tough way to get started, even by Bachelor standards, but there's much more to Brittany than just the storyline she's been sucked into right away! As we wait to see how all the drama unfolds, here are a few things we've learned about Brittany so far, from her career choices to what she's looking for in life and love.


She Works as a Model

Brittany's official occupation in her ABC bio is listed as "model." She's apparently signed with the Chicago branch of the modeling agency Wilhelmina, and has modeled for brands like Ghost Lifestyle.


She Has a Huge Yearning to Travel

According to her official bio, Brittany really dreams of seeing the world — maybe with a special someone along for the ride. One "fun fact" about her is that she "dreams of taking a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey," and her life goals include "moving to New York City, finding love that broadens her horizons, and traveling the world with the man of her dreams." Her Instagram proves that she's already well on her way, documenting some of her globe-trotting adventures to places as far off as South Africa, Dubai, and more!


She Loves to Have a Good Time

Her official bio calls her "a social butterfly that, in a pre-COVID world, loves to go out and have a good time."


She's Spent Most of Her Adult Life in Relationships

Brittany's ABC bio notes that she's "single for the first time in a long time" and a "serial monogamist." She repeats this again when defending herself from the escort accusations, saying, "I've had a boyfriend my entire life . . . since I was 16."


She's Thought About What Superpower She Wants

Like so many of us, Brittany knows exactly what superpower she'd want: her bio reveals that she'd choose the ability to be invisible.


She'd Really Rather Avoid Drama

Although her arrival on the show has been marked by pretty much nothing but drama, Brittany herself says she has no interest in it. "She can't be with a man who won't let her live her life, and says she has no time for unnecessary drama," she reveals in her show bio.


She Has a Musical Hobby

Brittany lists "DJing a dance party in Ibiza" as the top item on her bucket list," and a quick glimpse through her Instagram turns up a few fun pictures and videos of her enjoying herself behind the DJ booth at various clubs and parties!