6 Things We've Learned So Far About The Bachelor's Marylynn Sienna

It didn't take long for the first feud to start on this season of The Bachelor, and Marylynn Sienna got pulled right in. Although she almost immediately had to start defending herself after roommate Victoria starting accusing her of bad behavior out of the blue, Marylynn is a pretty intriguing contestant on her own. Not only does she have a pretty interesting job, but she's clearly passionate about her favorite causes and genuinely wants to make a difference. How long will she stick around on this season? Who knows, but until we find out, enjoy these fun facts we've learned about Marylynn so far!

She's an Event Coordinator

According to her official ABC bio, Marylynn works as an event coordinator out of Studio City, California, (a neighborhood in Los Angeles).

She Has a Canine BFF

Scroll through Marylynn's Instagram, and you'll quickly meet her bestie: Meadow, a 4-year-old poodle/pit bull/Shih Tzu mix. If you just can't get enough of Meadow's adorable face, we've got even better news: Meadow has her own Instagram!

She Prioritizes Clean and Healthy Living

Marylynn is confident in what she does — and doesn't — want in a partner, and good lifestyle habits are on top of the list. As her ABC bio reveals, she "doesn't see herself with anyone who is lazy, introverted or someone who doesn't prioritize their heath and hygiene."

When asked about her priorities in a partner, Marylynn "wants a stable man who will love her unconditionally, someone who is loyal to the core and who would be a rock for her when life throws the inevitable curve ball their way."

She's Afraid of Sharks

Although she's a California girl who grew up surfing, it turns out Marylynn has one very big beach fear: she's afraid of sharks!

She's a Big Fan of Disney Magic

The most relatable "fun fact" listed in Marylynn's official show bio: she loves Disneyland!

She's Passionate About Environmental Activism

Across her social media, Marylynn often talks about environmental concerns, from conservation and preservation to sustainable living and more. "Every time I think of our beautiful planet, I'm consumed by guilt as we continue to trash it with single use plastic/waste. Without much regard or knowledge, we unsustainably deplete Earth of her very scarce natural resources," she wrote in the post above.

Her official ABC bio even reveals that she "hopes to start a nonprofit that helps the environment reduce and eventually eradicate single-use plastic" and that she wants to find a soulmate who will "share her goals of making the world a better place."