The Bachelor: Meet "Queen" Victoria, Matt James's Most Controversial Contestant (Already)

Victoria Larson is one of the 32 contestants on the upcoming season of The Bachelor with Matt James, and her huge personality is already making quite the impact. Referring to herself as "Queen Victoria," she might ruffle feathers – but she's not going down without a fight, as we've seen from the latest teaser. Her entrepreneurial skills, ambition, and drive will get her far, and she is sure to be one of the most entertaining cast members to watch this season. She says she has absolutely no filter, and we actually love it! Ahead, find 10 facts about Victoria that will make her a contestant to remember, from her drink choice to her love language.


She's an LA Native

Larson counts herself as an LA native, although her social media accounts show she is constantly traveling all over the US. In fact, she has said on her Instagram that she has her heart between Florida, Los Angeles, and New York. She is 27 years old, and ready to find love with someone that appreciates her sense of adventure.


She's Outgrown Her Jetsetter Lifestyle

Speaking of her "once upon a time" jet-setter way of life, Larson told ABC that she has outgrown it and is more grounded now. However, she wrote down that her occupation is "queen" . . . so we're just going to have to see how it plays out on the show. Larson is quick to note that she's over the high life, but "not her sense of grandeur."


Larson Is a Multifaceted Entrepreneur

This Bachelor contestant is full of surprises – she has recently shifted focus to entrepreneurship, launching a few businesses in the health and beauty space. She is the owner of Vikki Larson Beauty, where she sells self-care products like dry brushes.


She Has a Strong Personality, and She Needs Someone Who Loves Her Independence

Larson knows she has a big personality, and she's proud of it! She told ABC that she "needs a strong man who can keep up but who won't be controlling in any way, shape or form." Apart from loving her sense of freedom, Larson needs a man who is loyal, honest, and just as independent as she is.


Larson Is Also a Pilates Instructor

Apart from her dive into entrepreneurship with her wellness brands, Larson is also a pilates instructor and loves exercise. Showing off her pilates skills on her social media accounts, she can be seen regularly incorporating stretches and planks into her workout routine. Just adding to her many roles, she's also a realtor in the Hollywood Hills.


Meditiation Is Extremely Important to Her

Meditation and spirituality are paramount in Larson's life, and she would love to find someone who feels the same way. Playing a huge role in her life, Victoria sees finding a partner who also loves meditating as a "huge plus." Her beauty and wellness brand, as well as her love of pilates, connect to this passion.


Aperol Spritz Is Her Fave Drink of All Time

Larson "lives for the perfect Aperol Spritz," which can be seen all throughout her Instagram. Her posts with her drink of choice are captioned with "know your worth, what's unacceptable and do not negotiate" and "summer time spritz."


Larson Is Also a Health Coach

Just adding to her list of passions, Larson is also a health coach and loves recommending health tips to her followers. She recently graduated from a health coach training program, and has posted on her Instagram about the benefits of cold water with electrolytes, chlorophyll, and fresh cucumber and watermelon.


She's a Major Dog-Lover

Larson told ABC that the light of her life is her goldendoodle Coco, who is every bit of adorable as she sounds. Coco even has an Instagram page of her own called @cocoafamous, where she can be seen living it up on Rodeo Drive, in Las Vegas, and elsewhere.


She Loves Romance, and Wants Someone Who Can Appreciate That

Victoria is a lover of all things romance, and identifies physical touch as her love language. She hopes to one day find someone who appreciates her loving side, and fingers crossed Matt does! However, she does have one huge turnoff: a man who can't keep his room clean.


She Has Zero Filter, and Is Very OK With That

Larson has no filter, saying pretty much anything that comes to her head. But she's not ashamed of it – she loves it about herself. And her ambitious, competitive side is bound to come out: she plans to be "very forward" in her pursuit of Matt. So good luck to the rest of the contestants, but it looks like Larson is going to pull out all the stops!