These 11 Songs From Felly Will Make You Want to Dance, Cry, and Everything in Between

If you haven't heard of the rapper/singer Felly yet, I highly suggest plugging in your headphones and turning up one of his songs. Growing up in Connecticut and then eventually moving to the West Coast where he attended USC, Felly began posting his original songs to his YouTube channel. While at USC, he worked on plenty of singles and released his first EP that garnered plenty of attention, Waking Up to Sirens. Since then, the rapper/singer has produced and featured on plenty of tracks. Scroll through the gallery to see some of the best songs from Felly, ranked.

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"Bring Me My Money" by Felly

Many songwriters use their own personal experiences to guide them in their writing, and Felly is no different. "Bring Me My Money" is one of those songs that's so effortlessly relatable. This song surrounds his desire to give up his own selfish tendencies and start showing appreciation to the ones he loves, which is something so many of us encounter.

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"Tell Me" by Felly

"Tell Me" might be the best track on his album Milk and Sugar. Dealing with heartbreak and saying goodbye to someone is something that occurs often and life, and Felly encapsulates the emotions that are felt during these tough times in a way that is sure to leave you teary-eyed.

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"Fabrics" by Felly

This song is listed in his top five most popular songs on Spotify, and for good reason. "Fabrics" deals with the topic of trying to live happily and understanding that it really is the little things in life that lead to true happiness.

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"Love of Mine" by Felly

An underrated treasure, this track explores the happiness felt in a relationship built from love. "Love of Mine" explains how happy you can feel with the right person, even if you aren't really doing anything with them.

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"Gorilla" by Felly

If you need a song to get hype to, this is it. "Gorilla" has a hard beat that will rattle your bass, and Felly's flow on the song comes so naturally it makes it hard not to enjoy it.

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"Dying to Tell You" by Felly

It's easy to feel empowered when you listen to this track. The lyrics make you step back and realize that you're capable of making those scary decisions on your own, and that you'll be OK in the end.

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"Above Water" by Felly

No matter what you're going through in life, this song is here to tell you that you can rise above it and you will come out stronger. The beat and flow of this song keep it easy to listen to, even though the subject matter is pretty heavy.

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"She Come and She Go" by Felly

Felly talks about the welcoming and the loss of people in his life in this song. I find this song comforting because loss of and growth from people in our lives is something that we all experience, and listening to this track allows me to understand that it's sad, but it's a part of life.

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"Top of the Earth" by Felly

"Top of the Earth" poses the existential question of what our purpose in life is. Felly talks about how you shouldn't settle for anything less than you deserve and how you should determine your own path, which is motivating to me.

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"Business" by Felly

This song deals with the business of yourself. By that I mean how you should view yourself in order to truly believe in yourself. Felly points out that it isn't about materialism, but how we perceive our own selves in the end.

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"Heartstrings" by Felly

Felly's latest release, "Heartstrings," really demonstrates his range. Over the past few years, Felly's developed himself and his sound and it shows through the many albums he's produced. To me, "Heartstrings" is a perfect depiction of Felly growing into a new sound and exploring himself along the way.