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Best Jenna Marbles YouTube Videos

Jenna Marbles Is the Most Wholesome Content Creator, and These Videos Prove It

Best Jenna Marbles YouTube Videos

If you've ever gone on a YouTube binge, then chances are you've run across a video or two from JennaMarbles. Jenna first started on the platform back in 2010 and has since garnered 20 million subscribers and upwards of three billion views. Her videos range in variety from making arts and crafts to trying out a new hairstyle, and her boyfriend, Julien, or any of her four pups often serve as her costars.

The word that immediately comes to mind when I think of Jenna Marbles is "wholesome." She's always up front with her audience and consistently tries to upload a video every week. She makes an effort to keep even the simplest videos entertaining, and she knows how to keep her viewers laughing along the way. Read through the gallery to find some of the most wholesome Jenna Marbles content. You won't be disappointed.

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