This Moody Orchestral Cover of Billie Eilish's "Everything I Wanted" Is Surprisingly Upbeat

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Listening to Billie Eilish's music always sends a little shiver down my arms thanks to her melancholy lyrics and haunting melodies. But this band's beautiful orchestral cover of "Everything I Wanted" actually has me staring out the window like Jessie from that heartbreaking moment in Toy Story 2. It's. A. Mood.

Pomplamoose is a husband-and-wife pop-rock duo consisting of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, and they're known for their viral YouTube covers of popular songs. Their most recent cover transforms Eilish's somber tune by switching up the chords and incorporating the use of multiple orchestral instruments, including the violin, guitar, bass, cello, viola, glockenspiel, and the baritone ukulele. Dawn's angelic vocals combined with the unique arrangement makes it hard to believe that this is the same song. But we absolutely believe Eilish would approve of this lovely take on her already amazing song. Watch the equally heartbreaking and upbeat cover here.