AHS: 1984's Billie Lourd Gets Jimmy Fallon to Join Her in an Interpretive Dance to "Africa"

If you're getting pumped for the imminent arrival of American Horror Story: 1984, star Billie Lourd has a treat for you; this season is going to be the goriest yet! If the very thought of that strikes a little fear in your heart, Lourd was kind enough to demonstrate her solution to getting the spookies on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Apparently, when she would find herself crying while bleeding under a boat — no spoilers, just a scenario she made in her head — she would start singing "Africa" and doing a bit of an interpretive dance.

Obviously, Fallon had to get in on the action, and thus this magical video above was created. Watch the two dance away all the spookies, and then, check out everything we know about the upcoming season of AHS. You're probably going to be doing a lot of dancing come Sept. 18.