35 Book-Character Halloween Costume Ideas For People Who Love Reading

If you're a self-proclaimed book-lover, then dressing up as your favorite literary character is the best way to go this Halloween. There are countless characters to take on and plenty of bookish outfits that big readers will totally get a kick out of. From fantasy legends and childhood favorites to fictional bookworms and creative takes on book covers, these book-inspired costumes will make you never want to turn the page on this year's Halloween.

Whether you want to pull off a funny couples costume influenced by your favorite book (see: the old man and the sea costume inspired by Hemingway's book) or your love of books is as strong as Belle's from Beauty and the Beast, these costumes will give you all the inspiration you need. Ahead, check out the best book-themed costume ideas!

Additional reporting by Alessia Santoro and Lauren Harano


A Bad Case of Stripes

Adding rainbow makeup to your look is always fun, and this bookish costume makes it even better!


Your Favorite Book

If you want to celebrate your love of reading in the most literal sense, then why not dress up as an actual book?


Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger is our inspiration for most things in life — for her bravery, loyalty, and most of all, her ridiculous smarts. She gets most of those straight from the pages of her oversize (and sometimes even dangerous) books.


Classic Librarian

This is a book-lover's costume go-to, but it can be spiced up if you want to make it your own.



Since it's very likely you have been called this many times in your life, it makes for a great DIY costume option.


Ms. Frizzle

Is there anyone more iconic than Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus series?!


Belle From Beauty and the Beast

Known for her love of books, Belle is the perfect combination of nostalgia and literary love.


Matilda Wormwood

Matilda escaped her childhood by turning to fantasy worlds that were more pleasant than the one she knew. There are several versions of this literature-lover you can be — pulling a red wagon full of books for instance. Bonus: you get to wear overalls.


Book Fairy

If only these were real!


Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore is the prime example of how reading is both fundamental and also straight-up cool.


Nancy Drew

The young sleuth is an easy and fun costume idea that shows some true book love.


Zombie Librarian

You could be just a regular librarian or you could be an awesome zombie version. Take your pick.


Mr. Men and Little Miss Books

Grab a group of friends and some cardboard for this costume inspired by the Mr. Men and Little Miss books.



Arthur loved to read, and his love for the library was even bigger! Dress up as this cute character by wearing a yellow shirt and glasses.


The Old Man and the Sea

This is a fun way to portray the classic Hemingway novel with a friend or your significant other.


Suzy Bishop

Moonrise Kingdom's Suzy Bishop is not without a few things at all times: her quirk, her cat, and her books.


Max From Where the Wild Things Are

Embrace the good old days by channeling one of everyone's favorite childhood book friends, Max.


If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Everyone remembers the moral of this cute children's book!


Clifford the Big Red Dog

The Clifford series was cute, fun, and made everyone want a big red dog, meaning this costume is sure to be a hit.


Violet Beauregarde

This Charlie and the Chocolate Factory character is a classic, just like the book itself!


Alice From Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice loved to read, hence where she got her wild imagination from. To be her, you'll just need a baby blue dress and a lot of curiosity.


F. Scott Fitzgerald Book Character

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote countless amazing books, so pick your favorite, emulate a character, and your work here is done! Just look how dreamy Daisy Buchanan is from The Great Gatsby.


Pippi Longstocking

A true classic, being Pippi Longstocking is a fool-proof way to win the costume contest.


Storybook Characters

Some of the first books that were read to us when we were younger were fairy tales. Being a storybook character is easy, cute, and so creative. You can be anyone from Little Red Riding Hood to Goldilocks.


Yrene From Throne of Glass

Calling all Throne of Glass-lovers! This costume is whimsical, enchanting, and a fan favorite.


Your Favorite Book Cover

If you judge books by their covers, pick your favorite one and re-create it!


Jude Duarte From The Folk of the Air

If your favorite genre is fantasy, this costume is nothing short of enchanting.


Raggedy Ann

The red yarn wig really makes this costume.



Remember this character from the dark fantasy children's novella? Just stick buttons to your eyes and your costume is complete.


Roald Dahl Character

How could you not want to dress up as a character from a Roald Dahl book?! We love the idea of being Fantastic Mr. Fox.


Winnie the Witch

Be your favorite character while dressing up in Halloween's best (read: witch attire) when you copy this Winnie the Witch costume.


Goosebumps Character

Want to give everyone chills this year? Dress up as the scariest Goosebumps character you can think of.