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Brockhampton's Best Songs Playlist

These Are the Best Songs From Each Member of Brockhampton, Because I Had Time Today

Brockhampton's Best Songs Playlist

Every member of Brockhampton brings something special to the group. While Kevin Abstract's verses empower marginalized groups and Dom McLennon's lyricism reigns supreme, Joba's unpredictability and Merlyn Wood's eccentricity cement their impact on any given track. Then there's Matt Champion, who's known for his cool confidence, and Bearface, whose calming vocals add another dimension to the group. As for producers Romil Hemnani, Jabari Manwa, and Kiko Merley? They utilize their knacks for sound engineering, textures, and layers to create the band's auditory imprint.

Although Brockhampton operates as a collective, each member of the 13-strong squad brings something unique and important to every track. Unsurprisingly, we have our personal favorite verses and musical compositions from each of the members. So look ahead to see which songs highlight their respective signature styles.

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