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What Will BTS's New 2022 Album Title Be? 4 Theories

BTS Fan Theories Flood In Over the Group's New Album Title

What Will BTS's New 2022 Album Title Be? 4 Theories
Image Source: ABC via Getty Images

So many exciting things are in store for BTS fans in 2022. First up, the septet will perform three back-to-back concerts in Seoul this March. Then, just weeks later, the group will fly out to the US to perform another set of shows in Las Vegas (and hopefully attend the Grammys). BTS also confirmed they're planning to drop a new album this year, and although its release date hasn't been revealed, there are rumors it could arrive either in late March or sometime in April. The last time BTS dropped a full-length record was in November 2020, so you can imagine how eager members of the BTS ARMY are to hear the group's next project. Since BTS love to hide Easter eggs in their music videos and live performances, fans have been busy digging around the internet for any possible clues about the group's new album, like what it could be called. Here are the most popular guesses surrounding BTS's next album title, and let me tell you, they're so convincing.

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