Cara Delevingne on Her "Odd" BBMAs Moments With Megan Thee Stallion: "I Was Living My Best Life"

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Cara Delevingne certainly leads an interesting life. On screen, the actor stars alongside her good friend Selena Gomez in Hulu's Emmy-nominated "Only Murders in the Building" as art-gallery owner Alice. But off screen, Delevingne finds herself in some funny predicaments. During her July 27 appearance on "The Tonight Show," she bonded with host Jimmy Fallon over buying his old apartment. "I sleep in your bed. Is that weird?" she joked.

"I was living my best life, but people found it a bit odd."

After the two finished discussing "one of the most incredible places" Delevingne has ever lived in, Fallon asked about the actor's seemingly awkward encounters with Megan Thee Stallion at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. "No one understood what was happening because you weren't quite at the awards, nor were you with her," he said while pointing to a photo of Delevingne holding the "Plan B" rapper's skirt train on the red carpet.

Delevingne clarified how she ended up at the award show, joking that she was "working as [Megan's production assistant]." "Basically, I was in Vegas, we're friends, and I really wanted to see her play, and she asked me to come along with her," she explained. "I didn't know I was going to go and sit or do anything. I thought I was just going to come and watch her play." Delevingne added that she actually helped Megan out in case she accepted an award that night (she won the award for top rap female artist), as she "[walked] around with a clipboard helping her memorize her speech."

So, turns out that Megan welcomed Delevingne's presence at the show, but the actor still knows she may have taken her plus-one hype-woman duties a little too seriously. "I was living my best life, but people found it a bit odd," Delevingne said. "People find me odd, but that's just me."

Delevingne also touched on "Only Murders in the Building" and shared what it's like working with her "heroes," costars Steve Martin and Martin Short. She even talked about director Steven Spielberg's surprise pop up on set. Finally, the actor wrapped up her late-night appearance in true Delevingne fashion — with a random magic trick, of course!

Check out her full interview on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" above.